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The Personal Information Organizer.     * Version 1.30 Uploaded On 4/19/2010 ... Customer Tested Under Windows 7 (see note below).

Target User: Individuals wanting to store, organize, search and retrieve free-form information.

Built on the foundation of "InfoTree", ReTreeve is agile, solid and dependable powerfully simple yet experienced and elegant.  We believe you will find it beneficial.


* Version 1.30  adds import/export facilities to provide a data bridge between ReTreeve and InfoTree.


The problem with many of today's 'Information Organizer' programs is that they have become a significant overkill for the solution that is really needed.  Much like the Microsoft Windows operating system, today's 'Information Organizer' programs are trying to be all things to all people. 


Here at NextWord we can speak from experience on this topic.  The history of InfoTree is much like that of many of the other popular 'Information Organizer' programs on the market.


Now, don't get us wrong ... there is a market for the extremely robust 'Information Organizer' and our current InfoTree product competes well there.


But many of our users continued to ask us why information organizers have become so complex ... many have told us ... "I just want a simple program that allows me to store, organize and retrieve information".


We listened to our customers and the result is ReTreeve. 

Note: Running ReTreeve under Windows 7.

Based on feedback from several users that are running ReTreeve under Windows 7, we offer the following suggestion to ensure it's best behavior:

Use Windows 7's Program Compatibility Wizard to set two run time properties of ReTreeve.Exe .

          Choose XP ServicePak 2
          Choose run as Admin

The Program Compatibility Wizard should be found in All Programs, Accessories; however several users indicated that it was not found there and the following options have been used successfully:

 1. Use the Run command and enter ... mshta.exe res://acprgwiz.dll/compatmode.hta 
 2. Use the Search Facility and enter ... Program Compatibility Wizard