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The Professional Information Organizer.

Target User: Professionals and workgroups that want to build collaborative information databases and/or other free-form information sources.  InfoTree also provides for optional user definable fields to help implement mixed format free-formfill-in-the-blank information databases.   *V ersion 2.21 Uploaded On 4/19/2010 ... Customer Tested Under Windows 7 (see note below).

InfoTree is the culmination of our historic efforts developing InfoTree32, InfoTree32 XT,InfoTree32 XTPro and InfoTree 2004. 

InfoTree Story

InfoTree is a "Free" upgrade for registered users of InfoTree 2004 and/or InfoTree32XT Pro.

Upgrades from InfoTree32 or from InfoTree32 XT are available.  Registered users of InfoTree32 XTPro or InfoTree 2004 will be automatically recognized by InfoTree..

Multilevel structured (Tree) view of your information.
... Organize by using an outliner approach.
Freeform Information ... no database design.
... Simply add your topics to the outline and start entering information.
Built-in text editor for the creation and maintenance of your information.
... Formatted rich text, spell checking, active internet links and much more.
... Specify fonts (names, sizes, styles an colors), paragraph alignment, etc.
Simple keystrokes to signal the addition of notes.
... Instruct InfoTree to add a note (Child or Sibling) with a single key stroke.
Comprehensive search facilities to help you find and retrieve your information.
... Text searches, keyword/key phrase searches, Due Date searches and structured browsing.
Shared, concurrent access to your information databases by LAN users.
... Implement multi-user knowledge base applications.
Intuitive links to other system resources.
... Link to other InfoTree notes, system/LAN files, web sites, email addresses and MS Outlook folders/items. 
General resource activation panel.
... Quick access to the resource of your choice ... web page, system file, etc.  URL's are added to a self populating dropdown list.  This list is stored in your local system registry and thus is not associated with any particular note within any InfoTree database.
Record level user definable fields. 
... Provides for fill-in-the-blank applications with mixed formats.
... Supports Text, Date, Currency and Numeric data types.
... Fully supported within search facility.
... Record level user fields visible/not visible settings.
... User fields are resized to take advantage of available screen real estate.
Uses the Microsoft Access database engine for storing your notes.
... Handles very large notes (2mb+).
User selectable tree images.
... Users can select from a pallet of images for visually classifying each note on their tree.
Text encryption facility.
... Users can enable/disable a text encryption facility on a database by database basis.
Unlimited, user-defined keywords/key phrases for indexing your information.
... Index your information anyway you desire.
Assign "Due Date" values to any of your notes.
... Produce lists of items that need to be completed within a desired date range.
ToDo List Facility.
... Quickly produce a ToDo List of items whose Due Dates fall within your specified horizon.
Integration With Microsoft Word.
... Use InfoTree as an authoring tool and transfer your results to Word.

Running InfoTree under Windows 7.

Based on feedback from several users that are running InfoTree under Windows 7, we offer the following suggestion to ensure it's best behavior:

Use Windows 7's Program Compatibility Wizard to set two run time properties of InfoTree.Exe.

          Choose XP ServicePak 2
          Choose run as Admin

The Program Compatibility Wizard should be found in All Programs, Accessories; however several users indicated that it was not found there and the following options have been used successfully:

 1. Use the Run command and enter ... mshta.exe res://acprgwiz.dll/compatmode.hta 
 2. Use the Search Facility and enter ... Program Compatibility Wizard